Mason Man is backed by skilled masons and an exceptional dedication to quality and longevity, Mason Man is your number 1 choice for quality masonry in the Burlington and surrounding areas. We provide high-quality, comprehensive services that will last a lifetime. Below is a list of the services that we provide.


A fireplace is one of the most sought-after and consistently requested niceties in a home because they add both comfort and charm to a living space. It also adds substantial value to your home. Adding a fireplace to your home is not as difficult as you may think. Now is the perfect time to install a fireplace in your home if it does not have one. You will surely benefit from this come wintertime.

Masonry Repairs

Cracked bricks are often much more than just an aesthetic problem, but a potential sign of larger structural damage. That's why it's just as important to find the underlying issue, as it is to fix the actual crack. We can replace any broken bricks with the same color bricks.

Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone (faux stone, man-made stone, manufactured stone) is concrete poured into a mold then colored to look like real stone. It was introduced decades ago as an alternative to the heavier natural four-inch thick building stone (prior to the introduction of the natural thin stone veneer).

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a very beautiful material that's available in a range of variants. It involves attention to detail and knowledge of how to arrange the stone to achieve the look that's desired. We at The Mason Man are experienced and have used natural stone in a number of projects.

Thin Stone Veneer

Take your project from ordinary to extraordinary with thin stone veneer. welcome the warmth and beauty of natural stone as a residential stone exterior, stone back-splash, interior stone feature wall or even a stone fireplace. Thin stone veneer can be installed where full bed natural stone can't, as it averages 1" in thickness

Window Openings

A enlargement project is a great way of bringing light, space and air circulation into your home. Besides simply replacing old windows with new custom ones, you also have the option to expand existing windows, combine two windows into one, or even make a window in a place where there wasn't one before.


Want to make your way from street to front door on something more attractive than a plain, utilitarian path? Flagstone walkways can inject some color into the landscape design. Flagstone walkways make for colorful, durable paths and are easy to walk upon.

Tuck Pointing

Tuckpointing is the process of cutting out old mortar to a uniform depth and placing new mortar in the joint is used to repair mortar joints that have deteriorated. Mortar joints are considered deteriorated when: 1.) They have eroded back more than 1/4" from the face of the unit or beyond the depth of the original joint. 2.) Cracks are visible within the mortar. 3.) The bond between brick and mortar is broken or the mortar is soft and/or crumbling. 4.) Any portion of a mortar joint is missing.

Minor Chimney Repairs

Many homeowners face or will face the problem of damaged brick chimneys. The damage is usually caused by years of weathering. The chimney must be repaired before the bricks loosen to a point where they come crashing to the ground. Mason Man can repair your chimney with new brick so you chimney will last for many more years to come.

Windowsill Replacement

Windowsills not only increase the curb appeal of your windows, but are also designed to prevent water damage around windows. Sills are designed with a slope running from back to front to force water away from your windows, preventing water from accumulating and leaking into your windows. Cracked, rotting or damaged windows sills need to be fix or repaired.

Resurface House

Whether you want to increase the resale value of your home, or you just want it to look its best inside and out, nothing does both like the look of stone designs. Yet, natural stone can be prohibitively expensive. Manufactured stone veneer is the surprisingly affordable alternative to natural stone that's capturing the attention of the architectural design and renovating world. Sometimes referred to as faux stone or artificial stone, it's an environment-friendly engineered product that offers you all the advantages of natural stone, designed stones with none of the drawbacks. Its elegant beauty and practical efficiency affords many exciting design options.

Pillars and Gates

Whether you would like to define the entryway to your garden with elegant entrance pillars or you are looking for one of our impressive driveway entrance pillars for your property, Mason Man offers both traditional and contemporary designs to suit your taste.

Parging Foundation

Parging is the layer of cement and special additive that are applied to the exterior of the foundation walls. In the case of a poured concrete foundation this parging is usually applied above grade to prevent the entrance of moisture and provides a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Block Work

blocks are components of durable masonry construction in which uniformly shaped individual units are laid in courses with mortar as the bed and binding material. They consist of high mass materials with good compressive strength formed into units.

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